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I'm a writer of fanfiction. My fanfiction account:…
The Mother of Thieves by Starry-Valley…
:thumb162708531: I'm Random Stamp by tonyle414 Give/get llama by Super-Studio Kushina Goodbye by AloiIchigo Cooper and Friends Support Stamp by Amorous-IncCampaign - Against Art Thieves by ANC4DES Anti-Cheerleaders Stamp by Kayla-Spicer :thumb88593310: Anti-Twilight Stamp by Eisoptrophobic
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My reaction to Anonymous declares war on WBC:

MAH WONDER TWIN!: :iconczechkitty:

You say Jonas Brothers-I say Super Junior
You say Taylor Swift- I say Faye Wong
You say Kate Perry- I say Nami Tamaki
You say Miley Cyrus- I say Utada Hikaru
you say Chris Brown - I say Da Vinchi
You say pop-I say J-Pop ^.^

:iconpink-iplz: :iconpink-lplz: :iconpink-oplz: :iconpink-vplz: :iconpink-eplz: :iconpink-aplz: :iconpink-nplz: :iconpink-iplz: :iconpink-mplz: :iconpink-eplz:

Stole this from - :iconmoonlight-hour:

[ ] January: I cuddled with...
[ ] February: I stabbed...
[ ] March: I pulled...
[ ] April: I ran naked with...
[ ] May: I banged...
[ ] June: I ate out with...
[ ] July: I had sex with...
[ ] August: I licked...
[ ] September: I ninja-kicked...
[ ] October: I slapped...
[X] November: I smoked with...
[ ] December: I raped...

Pick the day you were born!

[ ] 01: The kool-aid guy...
[ ] 02: A horse...
[ ] 03: A porn star...
[ ] 04: A toothbrush...
[X] 05: An Ipod...
[ ] 06: My neighbor...
[ ] 07: A glass of milk...
[ ] 08: A pickle...
[ ] 09: Santa Claus...
[ ] 10: A hobo...
[ ] 11: My best mate...
[ ] 12: Paris Hilton...
[ ] 13: A whore...
[ ] 14: A cat...
[ ] 15: A bisexual...
[ ] 16: A crackhead...
[ ] 17: A cereal box...
[ ] 18: A lesbian...
[ ] 19: A homo...
[ ] 20: Some cheese...
[x] 21: A toilet...
[ ] 22: Your mom...
[ ] 23: An Easter egg...
[ ] 24: The profile owner...
[ ] 25: Myself...
[ ] 26: My ex...
[ ] 27: An orange...
[ ] 28: A ninja...
[ ] 29: A homosexual...
[ ] 30: A llama...
[ ] 31: A duck...

Pick your favorite color!

[ ] Red: Because I have amazing boobs.
[ ] Orange: Because I was dared too.
[ ] Yellow: Because I smoke crack.
[ ] Green: Because I'm beautiful.
[ ] Aqua: Because it was cool.
[ ] Blue: Because I wanted to.
[ ] Purple: Because I'm a pimp.
[ ] Pink: Because I like noodles.
[ ] Brown: Because I'm gay.
[ ] Grey: Because that's how I roll.
[ ] White: And I'd do it again.
[X] Black: Because I'm sexy.
[ ] non of the above: Because I've got abs.

Apparently, I smoked with an ipod because i'm sexy ._.
I have: A bias
   You have: Psy
   I have: 23563436 K-pop songs
   You have: Gangnam style
   I have: An OTP
   You have: "The gangnam style guy"
   I have: A fandom
   You have: the whole world, knowing nothig about Psy called K-pop fans
   I say: Boom shakalaka
   Boom Ratatata
   But I'm Mr. simple simple
   Sexy free & single, I'm ready to bingo
   Yes Sir, I'm one of a kind
   No no no no mercy
   Get down, get down, ge-ge-ge-ge get down
   Gee gee gee gee baby baby
   Wow fantastic baby!
   Nali-nali nalina
   Tell me, tell me, te-te-te-te-te tell me
   High! High! I'm so high!
   I want nobody, nobody but you
   Nega jeil jal naga
   A-cha non A-cha
   asdfghjkl;' HISTORY
   You say: Heeeeey sexy lady!
   Oppan gangnam style!
   And you call yourself a K-pop fan. congrats:
  • Listening to: Jolin Tsai - Pulchritude
  • Reading: meh...
  • Watching: myself type.
  • Playing: Overlord: Raising Hell
  • Eating: Sushi!
  • Drinking: Water!

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